Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I too give speeches to students

Today President Barack Obama gave a speech to students. Later today, I will be giving a little talk to students as well. I never thought that I'd have a day similar to a president's. I wonder if he had a few drinks at a tranny bar last night too?
Young kids freak me out. Specially nowadays. I know way too much about my teenage cousins, that's only because they spill their guts out on Myspace. 
My high school years weren't as bad as my fellow guetto nerdians. That was only because I had the ability to get out of bad situations due to my awesome ability to make fun of myself. Somehow I managed to be a prom king.
Well, that time is gone. I don't think I have that ability to connect with the young peeps. 
But since I will be talking to AB 540 students, I think I will feel more at home. These are my fellow guetto nerdians and their desire to go to college is bigger than any typical rage that teenagers have against anyone over 25. 

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