Tuesday, April 8, 2008


The Thursday before Spring Break, the United Migrant Student Association and the Philipino American Coalition, just to name a few, sponsered the 7th Annual Cesar Chavez Celebration. There were a variety of foods and speakers included author Victor Villasenor and Asian American Studies Professor Linda Maram.
According to Maram, this is the first time in CSULB that both the Latino and Philipino community come together to celebrate both Chavez and Cruz. The two men were key figures in the civil rights movement for farmworkers in the 1960s and were part of the United Farm Workers Executive Board.
Maram said also said that Latino and Philipino students have the same struggles when it comes to higher education. She says that their socioeconomic status are one, not the only, of the factors that are keeping the low graduation numbers for these groups.

The UFW Executive Board in 1973 included veteran farmworker organizers and activists:
(l-r) Dolores Huerta, Mack Lyons, Richard Chavez, Cesar Chavez, Eliseo Medina,
Philip Veracruz, Gilbert Padilla, Marshall Ganz and Pete Velasco.

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