Monday, April 28, 2008

Minorities attacked

Unless you were no where near the Friendship Walk today, you missed on some spectacle of outright haterism (the Urban Dictionary definition of the act of hating). Under the blanket of free speech, a group of men displaying signs that listed "homos", "lesbos" and Roman Catholics as evil human beings, got into heated arguments with some students. Female students were specially enraged by comments made by one of the men who identified himself as Jeremy. He condemned women who didn't obey their husband and called them loud-mouth women.

Jeremy Sonnier, a member of a group of Christian religious activists who visited Cal State Long Beach on Monday, is challenged by a group of students. Signs warning of judgment against Jews, Muslims, gays and other groups drew fire from students. (Stephen Carr/Press-Telegram Staff Photographer )

The group attracted a big crowd of students, faculty members and even some police officers, althouth their enforcement was not needed at any time.
A student who identified himself as a gay male confronted Robert, another member of the alleged religious group. When this student pulled out his own bible, he asked Robert to show him where it read that he was going to hell for being a homosexual. After a few word exchanges, Robert said that he didn't want to talk to him anymore and turned his back on the student.
After a few hours, the crowd became smaller and so did the group's strenght to keep on screaming. Many students where schocked that this type of individuals are allowed to talk trash about women, gays and Muslims (among other minority groups) and still get away with it.
Erin Swetland, ASI's newly elected president, was collecting signatures to complain against these type of individuals to the school.

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