Thursday, August 13, 2009

Budget Closure Day aka first furlough day

"Due to state budget reductions, California State University, Long Beach will be closed August 13, 2009. Most facilities will be closed to increase cost savings through energy savings. Summer session classes and summer camps will be held as scheduled. For additional information regarding what will be closed or open on August 13, call for prerecorded information on the CSULB State Budget Closure Day Information Hotline, 562-985-8080."
-CSULB's website on Aug. 13

Well, thank God for the Raza center. Otherwise, Claudia and I would have been without computer access.

Everything is closed today. Brothman Hall. The Horn Center. The libary. In other words, every single place that is extremely necessary to use just week before school starts. But I see they're fixing the fountain. Maybe new lights. Who knows? That big ASI, Inc. logo by the University Student Union also looks cute. Wonder how much they're paying for that?

This is only the first of 11 furlough days the school will be having in order to "accommodate nearly half of the campus’ $42 million budget reduction from last year."

To quote CSULB's President F. King Alexander in a Press-Telegram article, his indeed looks like a ghost town. Now, back to trying to raise money for Claudia's and my tuition.

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