Saturday, March 20, 2010

The girl who loves Selena Gomez.

Meet the coolest 11-year old girl ever. She is not your typical fifth grader. She's put at least one smile even in the grouchiest rider. 

If you're sitting by yourself in the bus, Rebeca will run up next to you and tell you how much she loves Selena Gomez but hates girly stuff. 

She doesn't like to tell her friends that she's an undocumented immigrant. She's scared they might make fun of her, yet she has no problem standing up in front of a Kansas City, MO. crowd to tell them her story. A story that involves a mother who lost her baby sister while working with very strong chemicals in her house-cleaning job. 

When we left Cleveland, OH., she sat next to me on and told me how much she loved my testimony. She told me I should write books. I told her that me and her are on the same struggle. She gave me a comforting smile and began to go through my sketch pad. 

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