Monday, April 5, 2010

Ready, set...GRADUATE!

Centerpieces. Centerpieces with little marbles inside of them. On top of the marbles, there will be a picture of me. A picture I will take as soon as I get my cap and gown come May 5. I will take the picture at the mall. I hear they're cheaper there. I will use my biggest smile and I will pay for this picture.

People will come to my graduation party. They will seat in the tables with these center pieces. Like me, they will find it a little strange to find my picture in it. It's silly, I know. But how to stop a mother from wanting to celebrate her son's big day. How do I say to my mom, "I just want to get loaded and dance." 

The family who I know less and less will come from the old country and will happily celebrate this day with me. We'll talk about the latest chisme and they will tell me how proud they are to have another college graduate in the family. 

I will sit back and relax. It's been almost nine years since my high school graduation and I will finally be able to say that I graduated from college! People will leave. They will hug me again and tell me that I have a huge future ahead of me. I will smile and thank them for coming. 

The next day, we'll clean up and return the rented chairs and tables. I will lock myself in my room and look at my hands. Hands that have worked really hard in order to pay outrageous college fees. I will be sad to know that the next day I'll have to return to that job. A job that has been generous enough to keep me in school but one where my journalism BA won't be necessary to use. 

I know that I will eventually be able to use my degree. But not now. Although I may sound so pessimistic about my graduation, I really am not. I couldn't be happier. I just have to accept that there are certain things in life that I cannot change. For now at least....

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