Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fictitious Band Spotlight: LADY CROONER part 2.

"Lady Gaga has my fucking career right now," Lady Crooner tells me over the phone a few days after she practically kicked me out of her Long Beach apartment. "I have the label head up my ass right now telling me how I should follow in the damn weirdo's footsteps."

She might be right. Lady Gaga is Madonna for the Twitter generation. She is the reigning video vixen everyone is talking about.

"I was flipping burgers and recording demos when she was living comfortably off her parent's money," she says on a non-stop rant about the "Bad Romance" singer. "I'm not jealous. I just want people to see right through her fake weirdness."

When I ask her if she would permit product-placement in her videos, there is a long silence on the line.

"Well, what kind of products are we talking about?" 

I throw a few names. Matel. Play Dough. Home Depot?

"I'd have to do my research," she finally manages to say. "Why? Do you know if they're interested in doing something with me? Because I'd consider it."

Wouldn't that mean following Lady Gaga's footsteps?

She proceeds to hang up the phone. 

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