Monday, April 5, 2010

Fictitious Band Spotlight: THE LANGUAGE

Raised on Bikini Kill and Sleater-Kinney, and armed with a Woman's Studies degree from Cal State Long Beach, Rosenda Castro decided to form The Language to stop herself from writing on restroom walls. Literally.

"Girls don't mention this often but we love to tag on restroom walls," Castro tells me over coffee at a local gay bar. "I would write these long messages on restroom walls about pay inequality and sexual freedom that eventually turned into lyrics."

Tired of watching the same male-fronted punk bands over and over, Castro recruited the help of guitarist Gabriela "Gabriel"  Lopez and drummer Lori Davis to form a post-dance-techno-punk band. 

"Our sound is quite unique you see," says Davis, who is known for taking off shirts and bras during shows. "We don't have an specific sound per say. We just like to play with the flow if you will."

Although they've been compared to a crappier version of Le Tigre, these girls don't let the critics dictate how they should sound or who they should be. 

"Sure, we've played for like two or three drunk people in the audience," Castro adds while realizing that we're at a bar and she's drinking coffee. "It's this fucking coffee? I asked for tea!"

It's obvious these girls have the smarts and energy to put a good enough show. Too bad their talent is not quite there yet. 

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