Monday, June 21, 2010

Fictitious Band Spotlight: GEE LOPES TALKS "TRASH"

With an upcoming movie--which is yet to be made-- that's garnering critical acclaim, Gee Lopes sits down with Notas From The Beach to discuss her acting career, new album in the works and her obsession with the Fox teenage angst-driven show, Glee.

Notas From The Beach: Hello Gee. How are you doing today.

Gee Lopes: First of all, I don't mean to be a bitch and all, but like, we don't know each other. Can you please refer to me as Gee Lopes. Do you go around calling people by their first name even if you don't know them?


Gee Lopes: Okay then. I'm glad we've got that clear. Anyways, I'm doing perfectly fine. Well, I was (sights and looks irritated). I do read your little blog though.

NFTB: Oh we're glad (almost kissing ass). So you're new film "Trash" is getting a lot of hype. And it hasn't been filmed yet. 

Gee Lopes: Yeah, I know. It's great isn't it. I mean, I don't know how it even got leaked that I was starring in a film (we later found out that it was Lopes herself who created a profile in the Internet Movie Database website). I'm not sure which role I'm actually playing, but, the hype is great.

NFTB: Wait, you haven't been given a role yet?

Gee Lopes: No.

NFTB: What is the movie about?

Gee Lopes: What are movies about any ways. Give me a good director, a million-dollar budget and my talent as an actress and you've got an Oscar-worthy movie. 

NFTB: I don't think it works like that Gee Lopes.

Gee Lopes: (After a long awkward silence) Well, from what I've heard, it's sort of like Juno-meets-Crash. 

NFTB: How so?

Gee Lopes: The main character gets pregnant while riding the bus with Ludacris. And I think she's in high school.

NFTB: Oh, is Ludacris involved in the project?

Gee Lopes: What kind of question is that. 

NFTB: Oh, I'm sorry, is just that you mentioned that...

Gee Lopes: Can we talk about my upcoming album?

NFTB: Of course. So when can we expect the album to leak? (Bad joke from my part, I know).

Gee Lopes: That's just mean. 

NFTB: I'm sorry.

Gee Lopes: It's okay. You seem to have a mediocre career. What kind of journalist interviews fictitious celebrities? Anyways. I'm done here.

Indeed Gee Lopes, we are too. Can't wait for her new album. 

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