Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fictitious Band Spotlight: LONG BEACH'S NEXT BIG POP STAR?

Candy Summers is every Disney executive's wet dream. She can sing. She can act. And she's only 14 years old. She has met Britney, obsessed over Lindsay and is trying to be friends with Selena. But with all the negative buzz that typically surrounds young Hollywood starlets, is Summers ready to make it big?

"If you ask me I think she's one of the most mature girls I've ever met," says mother-turned-manager Alicia Summers. "Sure, I worry about the Paris Hiltons and the Lindsay Lohans of Hollywood, but you know what, if my daughter wants to be a super star, God knows I'm going to let her live her dreams."

So much so that she has moved her other two younger daughters from a comfortable three-bedroom home in Hollister, Calif. to a small one-bedroom apartment in downtown Long Beach. The closest thing to Hollywood they could afford (they did live in a bigger house in Compton, Calif. but Mrs. Summers felt that Compton couldn't offer the "right" connections that they may or may not find in Long Beach. Oh, and she doesn't really like Mexicans).

"People are going to say, 'honey you are so selfish for moving your whole family just for your own dreams,'" says Candy Summers over a few virgin margaritas in an undisclosed downtown Long Beach gay bar (the bartender is Candy's uncle and biggest fan, so we were allowed to conduct the interview there). "But sacrifices must be made. If I must go crazy and accidently do an underage porn video that leaks online and makes me the hottest Lolita around, well, so be it."

When I look over at her mother, who is sipping coffee that has a strange smell of Markers Mark coming off it, she giggles and puts her cup down.

"She's totally kidding of course," Mrs. Summers says. "Honey, you're not having sex are you?"

"Mother, must you really ask me embarrassing questions in front of a professional journalist?"

"Oh, I'm not professional at all," I intervene. "But go on though, I can probably sell this to People magazine or the Enquirer."

We all laugh and cheer. Candy is not sure if this will be a long-time career or just a hobby where she gets to sing and dance and act. You know, the triple-threat starlet. But she is hoping to hear back from Selena Gomez.

"I truly think that we can do the Britney-Christina-Lindsay-Hillary-kind-of-rivalry that makes news," Candy says as she takes a sip from her mother's coffee. "But she has yet to answer all of my Facebook messages."

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